Holistica Natural Products


Holistica Products are 100% natural, boutique, hand-crafted remedies made in Papamoa.
Eco friendly in distinctive blue glass bottles. Cruelty free, Vegan & only tested on Humans.

Highest quality natural essential oils used in all blends. For topical use,
can support healing for mind, body & soul. Julie is a fully qualified
aromatherapist with over 30 years’ experience. A healer, Reiki Master &
teacher. All the potions are unique blends that capture natures healing
essence and Reiki’s transformative power.

Aura Room Cleansing Mist
Use this spray for peace, calm & protection from negativity. Elevate your energy and
those around you. This unique blend has been seeped in black onyx crystal water,
for strength & clarity. It contains a delicate blend of sage, grapefruit, lime,
frankincense, neroli, cypress, cinnamon & rosewood to energise your surroundings.
The potion is infused with the Universal life force of Reiki energy. Shake well before
use. Spray, elevate and enjoy the delicious aroma.

Curly Wurly Beach Hair Oil
Just one spray away from beautiful bouncy beach hair curls. This spray will define
your curls naturally with a rich blend of argan, hempseed & castor oil. The scent will
drive you wild with Rosemary, Lavender and Ylang ylang pure essential oils. Natures
goodness for healthy tousled locks. Tame your mane and say goodbye to bad hair
days. This spray contains all the reputed goodies for healthy hair & scalp. Shake well and spray on dry hair.

Hayfever & Allergy Clear
This natural spray has been specially formulated to use natures goodness to clear
nasal passages, sinuses, nose & lungs to breathe easily. Completely natural. A
synergistic blend of Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Niaouli, Thyme, Peppermint &
Lavender all infused in Reiki crystal water. These oils contain natural anti-
inflammatory, anti-histamine and cooling properties to bring natural relief to the
respiratory system. Safe for use from babies 1 year old. Shake and spray with eyes
closed and breath in deeply.

Magnesium oil Spray
Magnesium is crucial for various bodily functions and is often deficient in 80%
of New Zealanders. It can promote quality sleep and a calm relaxed mind,
relieve muscle & joint aches and pains, regulate hormone levels and ease
constipation. Its benefits are numerous. We only use the very best source of
magnesium in our blends. Sourced from pristine mineral deposits on the
Tibetan Plateau. Harvested naturally and dried with solar energy for a
concentrated product, it is bagged and shipped by locals who respect the
ecosystem. With no fillers or additives, it is GMO-free, vegan, allergen, gluten,
and nut-free. Holisticas magnesium spray offers a holistic approach to boost
your bodys magnesium levels effectively. Massage into the abdomen and the
soles of the feet to increase your magnesium levels naturally. Rub into any
aching painful and tired areas of the body. It contains high
quality pure essential oil of lavender to enhance the effects. The spray is more
concentrated and may sometimes smart slightly on first application. It is
recommended that you use the balm on children over 1 year old. Not for use
on babies.

Harmonious Hormone Balance Blend
This synergistic blend contains all the powerful essential oils which contain
natural hormone balancers. It is a tried and tested formula for over 20 years. It
can help to balance your hormones through all ages and stages in life, from
adolescence difficult teen years, PMS, Painful & irregular periods, fertility
imbalances and menopause, also to reset your body after breast feeding. It
calms and assists physical & emotional rushes. It can be used right through
the month, or just at challenging times. Gently massage clockwise on the
abdomen and breasts & soles of the feet at night time. It will calm, ease &
nurture you. A delicate blend of Clary sage, Geranium, Rose Geranium,
Juniper berry and Lavender in a rich base of calendula, hempseed & almond

New Mama Blend
This is a trusted formula used by pregnant mothers for over 20 years. A
nurturing & safe blend carefully infused with love & care to nourish your mind,
body & soul through this special time. Used morning & night, clockwise on the
abdomen it will encourage the skins elasticity to avoid stretch marks and ease
discomfort. The delicate safe recipe is uplifting and deeply calming for the
mind. Infused with Reiki energy to enhance the experience. Use this blend of
lavender, yang-ylang and mandarin essential oils with confidence as part of
your daily ritual, to ease your journey into Motherhood. Give yourself the
nurture you deserve in this beautiful journey.

Beautiful Baby Bottom Balm
Use our handmade beautiful baby bottom balm for the most important person in your
life. It contains a carefully crafted range of nourishing ingredients infused with
chamomile essential oil to soothe, nourish, heal & protect your baby’s bottom without
the use of harsh chemicals. This blend creates a gentle barrier to keep the bottom
area dry and healthy and also helps to heal any redness, dryness or skin irritation
often associated with teething. It has been a hit with many new Mums who claim
their babies have suffered no sore bottoms at all when only using this balm. Use this
healing balm daily for your baby because they deserve nothing but the best.

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